Flyer 60

The Flyer 60 Advanced Light Strike Vehicle can carry up to 5 personnel and has a payload capacity of up to 3,000 pounds with a curb weight of 4,500 pounds. It has a top speed of 70 MPH (112 KPH) and a cruising range of up to 350 miles (563 kilometers) on flat terrain at 40 MPH. It is internally transportable in the V-22 Osprey and all its variants, as well as CH-47 Chinook and CH-53 Super Stallion, and air droppable from the C-130 and C-17 transports. The tubular, lightweight modular base of the Flyer 60 allows for a variety of missile profile configurations. With multiple, reconfigurable gun mounts, scalable seating and a flexible payload, the Flyer 60 is the most modular and adaptable vehicle in its class.


The Flyer 60 is the epitome of toughness, of transportability, of strength and most importantly of capability. It’s a purpose-built military grade vehicle whose all-terrain capabilities have been tested and proven. With its unmatched payload capacity and reliability the Flyer 60 can ensure mission success beyond the usual mission range. To further enhance mission capability, the Flyer 60 can be transported internally in the V-22, CH-53, C-130 and C-5 aircraft with drive on and drive off loading.


To be the most versatile, technically advanced, high-performing, all-terrain wheeled platform in the world. That vision is now reality.


The Flyer 60 brings superior capability and mobility to the warfighters’ ever-changing mission needs. Built for speed, endurance and transportability, it is capable of extended range across rugged terrain. These versatile vehicles can be easily reconfigured to support multiple crew and mission profiles and are capable of carrying payload in 1:1 ratio of payload to vehicle weight. In this configuration, the vehicle can carry 5 patient litters. Length: 180 inches with 126 inch wheelbase


  • Width: 60 inches
  • Height: 60 inches (Adjustable)
  • Curb Weight: 4,500 lbs.
  • Payload: 4,100 lbs.
  • Top Speed: 70 MPH
  • Cruising Range: 350 miles (flat ground at 40 MPH)
  • Maximum Grade: 60%
  • Dynamic Side Slope: 40%
  • Fording: 30 inches no prep
  • Seating: Up to 5 (4 seats with 1 gunner seat)
  • Variants: Reconnaissance; Rescue & Recovery; Light Strike (Armored or Unarmored); C4ISR; Communications