V-22 Internally Air Transportable Flyer 60 Vehicle Uniquely Positioned to Meet Marine Corps Needs

V-22 Internally Air Transportable Flyer 60 Vehicle Uniquely Positioned to Meet Marine Corps Needs

The Flyer 60

Washington, DC (April 30, 2024) – Flyer Defense is introducing Marines to its Flyer 60 light tactical ground mobility vehicle at the 2024 Modern Day Marine Exposition in Washington, D.C. At 60” wide and tall, the Flyer 60 is internally air transportable in rotary and tilt wing aircraft, including the V-22 Osprey.

The Flyer 60 is the narrow variant of the Flyer 72, USSOCOM’s Program of Record Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1, sharing modular commonality with the combat proven platform.

“Flyer vehicles are unique in their modularity,” said retired USMC Colonel and Flyer Defense Director of Business Development, Robert Rice. “Like the 72, the Flyer 60 is configurable for a wide variety of mission profiles and uniquely positioned to fill existing mobility gaps for Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs) and Marine Littoral Regiments (MLRs).”

Flyer vehicles are internally and externally transportable in rotary and tiltwing aircraft including the V-22, CH-53, CH-47 and C-130. They also provide maximum ship-to-shore payload on the Landing Craft Air Cushion Aircraft (LCAC) which can fit up to 10 Flyer vehicles and 60 Marines.

About Flyer Defense

Flyer Defense, LLC was formed to provide mission-specialized, lightweight, high mobility, all-terrain tactical wheeled vehicles capable of internal transport in rotary and tilt wing aircraft. Flyer provides purpose-built vehicles and logistics support for U.S. Army, special operations forces and global allies. Always prioritizing the users and their missions, Flyer vehicles increase ground mobility, allow rapid deployment into contested areas, and enable military ground forces to move quickly for extended distances and over difficult terrain. The Flyer® family of successfully tested and certified vehicles are modular platforms, allowing rapid vehicle customization for immediate operation-relevant configuration.

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